Development of Solar Energy Installers occupational profiles, TVET curricula and training manuals


The overall target is to create practical hands-on skills trainings where target groups are trained in real life situations.
1) creating occupational profiles for two selected occupations
2) design and develop accompanying curricula
3) design and develop training manuals for trainees
4) design and develop training manuals for trainers
5) Validation of all created materials by government bodies

My role

Team leader / Project Manager

Lead Company

Gopa Intec Germany

In this project I held the position of Team Leader. Where I steered and managed a project team who developed the above-described occupational profiles, syllabi and training manuals for solar energy installers. The alignment with Zambian National Qualification Framework was part of my tasks. As was the development of a practical hands-on skills training for both teacher trainers and installers.