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In the early 90s, Ruud van Neerven – owner of Tesfa Consultancy – already knew what he wanted: to do his part when it comes to technical education throughout the world. The years in which he realized this dream, Ruud developed his talent in organizational development and technical teacher training.

Self-reliance brings strength; that’s Ruud’s motto. His passion for helping people in developing countries has already led him to Africa, Asia and Europe. Thanks to the love for his profession and his  years of experience, Ruud knows the world of development work like the back of his hand.

Ruud started his career as a TVET trainer, mainly focusing on Competency Based Learning (CBL). In 2008, he founded TESFA Consultancy. He now works with consultancy companies and clients from all over the world. TESFA Consultancy stands for change that motivates people, works well and lasts long. The perfect foundation for a better future.

Tesfa’s main aim

Enthusiasm and inspiration go hand in hand. It’s Tesfa’s aim to educate professionals, such as teachers, school managers, civil servants and other key stakeholders to be self-reliant. Tesfa provides people around the world with the means to set up a better organization and how to use those new ideas and insights in a much broader sense in order to improve the educational model.





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